January 2017 Fine Soccer Art Print Sale

Football books and Magazines published in the late 1940's progressing to the early 1960's used a unique photographic process, the photograph was taken on a large format camera the negative (plate 6x4) created an extremely high quality finished print. The print was then hand coloured giving an innovative effect. The best known Publisher to use this process was L.T.A Robinson in their Publication The Big Book of Football Champions; Charles Buchan also used the process in both The Football Monthly Magazine and the Soccer Gift Book.
The Print of Duncan Edwards: I had many to choose from which came from the Big Book of Football Champions 1954, onto the board mainly grass and line retouching, hi res scan, that was back in 2010, ended the job with a sepia print fast forward 2017 to the filters we have Welcome to The Duncan Edwards Fine Art Print 2017.

The 1966 England World Cup Winning Team

The fully autographed photo was taken from a boys annual, I scanned in hi-res, two samples above one RBG the other mono, with the RBG it shows the colour of the different pens used. With each print 8x10 inches, sold, I will include the full history, even to who obtained the autographs.

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